• Product Force Constant [N/m]

  • Resonant Frequency [kHz]

  • Cantilever

  • Coating

  • Tip


Force modulation is a mode of AFM mode. It is a single-point measurement in which the cantilever approaches and "punctures" the sample and then takes it out. The tip vibrates at a very high frequency and is pushed into the repulsive area. In this area, the Li-distance curve can be measured and is related to the elasticity of the sample. In this measurement process, the relationship between the cantilever deflection and piezoelectric motion will be measured, and finally it can be converted into the relationship between the force and the tip sample separation, thereby providing mechanical information about the sample.Therefore, forced modulation microscopy (FM) can be used for the following measurements:

Modulus Measurement

AFM force curves can be extracted for various mechanical properties of the sample (including adhesion, stiffness (modulus), breaking force, and indentation depth (depth of penetration of the needle tip under a given load).

Adhesion Measurement

Measuring the viscosity or adhesion of the sample with an atomic force microscope can be done by measuring the adhesive inclination in the force curve collected by force spectroscopy.

Unfold And Stretch Measurement

Another application of force spectroscopy is to stretch the molecular bond between the cantilever tip and the sample.

  • Etalon

  • Force Constant: 2.8, 3.5, 4.2+4.8, 6, 7.2
  • Tip Shape: Octahedral at the base, conic on the last 200 nm
  • Length: 223/183
  • Width: 34/34
  • Thickness: 3/3