Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopes probes-without tuning forks-wavelength 980-1600nm

  • short_desc SNOM probes (wavelength 980-1600nm) for Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopes, without tuning forks


AFM Nanoprobes SNOM probes stand up to the most demanding applications, including infrared and UV/visible range. Our tips are made of high-quality polymers and also come in a variety of coatings to support your testing and imaging needs.Material – single mode optical fiber Nufern 980HP.
Probe tip is coated by Al (70nm)/sublayer V (20nm) .
Tip diameter uncoated by Al (tip aperture) 200 – 300 nm (250±50)
Angle of fiber – about 20 degrees
Maximum optical input power – 400 microWatt
The probes are prepared by chemical etching method.
This method gives the optical efficiency 10² – 10⁴ times better than those obtained by mechanical pulling.GEOMETRICAL & MECHANICAL FIBER SPECIFICATIONS:SNOM PROBE CHARACTERISTICS:

Addional Information

Quantity 10
Cantilever Single
Coating Al Reflective
Tip Material Single mode optical fiber (Basic Nufern fiber)