Single Crystal Diamond Tips+Silicon Cantilevers-300

  • short_desc Single Crystal Diamond Tips on Silicon Cantilevers
  • Tags : Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy¬†(AFAM), General Topography, Hardened/Enhanced Wear Resistance, Life Sciences, Mechanical Properties/Force Curves, Nanoindentation and Lithography, Non-Contact/Tapping, Phase Imaging Mode
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The Single Crystal Diamond (SCD) probes have tips specially grown in a CVD process and glued to silicon cantilevers for use in AFM. These durable and chemically inert probes with high aspect ratio and small tip radius are now offered at an affordable price comparable to that of traditional silicon probes. SCD tips usually have a sharp edge at the apex which makes it applicable for imaging flat surfaces with high resolution. The typical SCD tip radius is less than that of a silicon AFM tip, which makes it applicable for general purpose AFM imaging. The advantage of SCD is that the tip is extremely robust in any scanning mode and cleanable from contaminants.

Addional Information

Quantity 5
Cantilever Length 125
Cantilever Shape Rectangular
Cantilever Thickness 4
Cantilever Width 35
Cantilever Single
Coating Al Reflective
Force Constant [N/m] 20, 40, 75
Resonant Frequency [kHz] 265, 300, 400
Tip Material Single Crystal Diamond (SCD)