Super Sharp-Diamond-Like Carbon-AFM Probes-c

  • short_desc Super Sharp Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) AFM Probes
  • Tags : General Topography, High Resolution Imaging, Trenches/Holes
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AFM Nanoprobes's line of Super Sharp Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) probes are extremely useful for obtaining high-resolution on objects only several nanometers in size. This exclusive series gives our customers superior imaging quality, and a probe with superior material durability. Super Sharp DLC probes are rigorously tested to ensure that each batch performs under strict testing situations.

Addional Information

Quantity 50
Cantilever Length 95
Cantilever Shape Rectangular
Cantilever Thickness 2
Cantilever Width 30
Cantilever Single
Coating Au Reflective
Force Constant [N/m] 3.1, 11.8, 37.6
Resonant Frequency [kHz] 140, 240, 390
Tip Material Diamond-like Carbon
Tip Tetrahedral (Standard)