Super Sharp Probes+Single Crystal Diamond Tip-Topography Measurements

  • short_desc Unique Super Sharp Probes with Single Crystal Diamond Tip for Topography Measurements
  • Tags : General Topography, Hardened/Enhanced Wear Resistance
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AFM Nanoprobes offers unique probes with single crystal diamond probes for topography, conductive measurements, and electrical measurements. These long-lasting, and highly conductive, sharp diamond probes are highly resistant to mechanical destruction and keep their sharpness. They enable highly repeatable, high resolution operation to ensure you consistently get the best possible data from your system. Single crystal diamond probes are formed by a unique patented process to ensure the best possible wear and electrical performance. The probes are sharper and last longer than any other electrical AFM probe.

Addional Information

Quantity 5
Cantilever Length 225
Cantilever Shape Rectangular
Cantilever Thickness 3.8
Cantilever Width 35
Cantilever Single
Coating Au Reflective
Force Constant [N/m] 20, 40, 60
Resonant Frequency [kHz] 100, 180, 260
Tip Material Single Crystal Diamond highly doped with Boron
Tip Conical