Top Visual-Precise Positioning-AFM Probes-a

  • short_desc Top Visual AFM Probes Designed for Precise Positioning Over the Point of Interest
  • Tags : General Topography, Liquid Scanning, Mechanical Properties/Force Curves
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AFM Nanoprobes's Top Visual series probes allow the user precise control over positioning of the tip over a specific point of interest in the sample. This allows for direct, real-time observation of the sample scanning and modification process. Our Top Visual probes are user-friendly and high quality.

Addional Information

Quantity 15, 50
Cantilever Length 140
Cantilever Shape Rectangular
Cantilever Thickness 5
Cantilever Width 50
Cantilever Single
Coating Au Reflective
Force Constant [N/m] 25, 50, 95
Resonant Frequency [kHz] 200, 300, 400
Tip Material Single Crystal Silicon
Tip Triangular Pyramid